Review Of Stafford Electronics Stafford VA

Stafford Electronics Review- On August 30th I received my fixed computer back from Stafford Electronics. It had literally been sitting at my house collecting dust for over a year. The problem was my son spilled water on the keyword and made it no longer functional. Every company I took it to wanted to charge me almost the price of a brand new computer.

I have to pass by stafford electronics every day on my way home from work and one day something told me to just stop in and ask if they repair computers. The business owner was very upfront and honest about the potential risks and cost of a difficult repair like this one. Long story short he was able to detach the old defective keyboard and install the new one.

I am so thankful for Stafford Electronics honest, affordability and all around great customer service. I will be using them again for any of my future computer repair needs.

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Review Of Stafford Electronics

Review Of Stafford Electronics Stafford VA