Mailit Review- Is Mailit The Best Email Marketing Alternative For Aweber, Get Response & Mail Chimp?

Mailit Review explains everything you need to know about this new email marketing wordpress plugin. Mailit is being called a great alternative to getresponse, aweber and mail chimp throughout the internet marketing industry.

MailIt is a wordpress plugin that combines a full email management system in a self hosted one stop shop. In my review of mailit I explain the pros, cons and everything in between. In terms of pros, the price of mailit sets it apart from all other third party email providers like Aweber, Get Response or Mail Chimp.

Mailit is a one time $37 fee that blows the pricing the of the big guys out of the water. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $15-$20 per month if you had a email list of people ranging from 500 to 1000 depending on which service provider you are using. This essentially means this email plugin Mail It pays for it self after about two months.

In Brett Retucky and Mike from Maine’s mailit case study they prove that email marketing plugins like mail it can lead to higher opens and click through rates however there are some risks associated with the mailit plugin.

Con 1- If not used properly you risk your internet service provider banning your IP address since the emails will be sent from your self hosted platform.

Con 2- Owning this email plugin requires you to also have a wordpress website and everyone does not have one nor does everyone have a domain or hosting.

Con 3- There are not scheduling functions inside the mailit dashboard. This function does not currently exist but may be added in the future.

In a nutshell, the price of mailit is amazing, the product creators Brett and Mike have case studies to prove it has dramatically improved their openness rates and it continues to make Brett over $800 per day.

So is the mailit plugin better than aweber or other big boys in the game? You will have to decide that for yourself, but I can tell you it is a great alternative to Aweber, its a great alternative to Getresponse and a great alternative to MailChimp depending on how many subscribers you have and what type of functionality you are looking for.

At the end of the day, the overall cost of Mail it makes it a good competitor and worth trying since it only cost $37. Not to mention it comes with a 14 day money back guarantee, a ton of bonuses, great support and free step by step training on how to use it.

I hope this mailit review helps you make an informed buyer decision. Feel free to comment below with any questions.

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Mailit Review- Is Mailit The Best Email Marketing Alternative For Aweber, Get Response & Mail Chimp?

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